Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses in 2022

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Benefits of hosted VoIP services
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I’m sure you’re buzzing for switching from traditional phones to VoIP systems for small businesses? Another important question you may ask.

Is it the right move for us?

— You will get extensive benefits while using VoIP as opposed to conventional phone systems. Even small businesses get benefited immensely from the implementation of trailblazing technologies for communication.

Technologies such as VoIP can make or break small businesses and decide if they’ll have exceptional growth or fall into stagnation.

VoIP was first introduced for commercial usage, back in 1995. As VoIP burst into the scene, analog phone systems have nearly become extinct, this is also the case for small businesses.

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Fun fact:

Almost 61% of both small & large businesses shift to internet telephony once the contract for PSTN ends. Because businesses realize the superiority of VoIP.

— Throughout this article, we shall dig deep, and present to you the advantages that small businesses hold while using VoIP.

16 benefits of using VoIP for your Small Businesses:

Exceptional Quality of Calls – Everyday conventional phones use antiquated methods for routing calls. Using such legacy systems would be suitable for you years back. Nowadays, the quality of calls is better than ever before.

If you want a crystal clear communication, then you need a stable internet connection.

Enables Access to Unified Communications features – You can do so much more than just video calls. You will get features such as file sharing, video conferencing, screen sharing and more. You can merge all your communications in a single platform.

Offers Scalability – If your VoIP service is cloud based, then you can adjust the business service package anytime you want. — VoIP can provide you the ideal mix between performance & flexibility.

Requires Low Upfront Investment – VoIP phone service needs a very minimal investment right upfront. This is the case for network infrastructure, equipment & hardware.

Needs Minimal Maintenance Cost – The subscription fee will cover most of the — maintenance & software upgrades. The vendor can automatically install & update the patches to make sure you get access to the newest features.

Ensures Security – This is substantial for all companies irrespective of the size. Any potential data breaches can be detrimental for small businesses. Majority of cloud based — VoIP providers consist of experts for monitoring security platforms.

While also making sure that security updates are installed swiftly.

Provides Accessibility – VoIP phone based service can be accessed from any device anywhere if you only have a good internet connection. This makes it easier for small businesses to remain connected with customers, the team and partners.

This will enable in minimizing overhead while helping in accessing a bigger talent pool.

Serves Automated Help – In the case of small businesses, it can be a bit challenging for hiring a designated employee for managing incoming phone calls. VoIP holds the trump card here. Because they provide an assistance feature that’s automated.

This will let you program essential information such as; operating hours, announcements & locations. It will streamline the experience of customer service.

Features Call Routing – Various VoIP services provide IVR (interactive voice response) features. This assists in routing calls & gathering customer’s information to the designated team members. It also caters to enhanced customer service & lower costs.

Has Call Logs & Analytics – Allows you to analyze and review various reports for understanding how customers tend to interact with your small business. One method would be to analyze the time of the day getting the majority of the calls. Also, the duration of these calls.

Offers Improved Productivity – Workflow can be streamlined by minimizing errors & delays by consolidating teams & customer communications within a single interface. So, it won’t require team members to — switch from different applications.

Avoids in Playing Phone Tag – Phone numbers can be programmed to ring on multiple devices before it is forwarded to voicemail. It will assist in minimizing playing phone tags. Otherwise, it may lead to customer frustration, sales impact or missed opportunities.

Caters International Calling – Various VoIP services will provide packages that include unlimited or lower cost international calls. This will help you to remain connected to partners & customers throughout the world.

— VoIP may reduce the cost of international based calls by 90%.

Seamless Integration with Various Softwares – You may integrate VoIP platforms using other software applications (eg: CRM & file sharing). This ensures your systems get synced in real time for minimizing delays.

Your team will be able to manage necessary interactions in one place for a streamlined process.

Compatible on Mobile devices – VoIP services help in creating calls by utilizing your internet’s bandwidth. You can use any internet enabled device for this service. So, VoIP services will most likely consist of an application that enables you to call using smart devices.

Advanced features – Phones that provide VoIP services are not your regular desk phone systems. These phones consist of advanced features that help in taking communications for businesses to another level. Regular phones cannot do this.

Video Conferencing – The majority of VoIP systems consist of an application for video calling. This way you can have online meetings with colleagues & customers effortlessly. It is a very handy tool that is mandatory to use nowadays.

Conference Calling – This feature will allow calls in-between more than two callers. It would enable callers from all around the globe to connect at once. This will teamwork & enables employees to collaborate seamlessly.

Queuing Calls – Using call queues, you can easily manage all inbound calls. You can use the feature to automate the distribution of calls. It will also assist you to reduce wait time for customers.

Integrations – It usually integrates using various third party tools. As your phone system effortlessly connects to other tools, this saves significant time.

Text Messaging for Businesses – A text message can sometimes be more effective for connecting with an individual. There are VoIP based systems that will enable you to send messages from your device.

Call Analytics – It gives you an idea regarding how efficiently the employees spent their time on the phone. The data that’s collected can be used for training purposes as well.

What services would I be getting while using VoIP?

Conventional landlines convert your voice into a series of electrical signals that emerge as sounds at the other end. — The entire process happens via a series of interconnected phone lines & extensive copper wire.

On the flip side, VoIP doesn’t need any physical or coast to coast connectivity. To put it in a nutshell, VoIP systems receive & transmit voice through the internet. Therefore, the sole infrastructure that you need is stable internet connectivity to make a call from any location…

VoIP vs Conventional Landline – Why choose VoIP?

17 years ago, precisely in 2004. Almost 90% of the US based households had a functioning landline phone. Fast forward to 2019, now, there are less than 40% of operational landline phones.

With smartphones being available for a vast majority of users, landlines have lost its popularity.

However, you will still find various businesses that debated over— VoIP & Landlines. You may ask yourself.

  • Which is cost-effective?
  • What offers better connection reliability & call quality?
  • Which phone offers smoother scalability?

Considerations for VoIP vs. Landlines:

Pricing Very Cost effective Any phone having an internet connection is VoIP compatible play as you go, very budget friendly WD Telecom’s pricing model needs little to absolutely no setup fees Setup is very costly Requires PBX systems, switches, routers, hubs & phone systems Needs to connect to a PSTNNeed to pay monthly based fee to the provider  
Call Management/ Functionality Offers numerous call management featuresAuto attendant Call forwarding Call flipping Business integration Call analytics  ProvidesCall recording Audio playback Text to speech Real time APICall queues Voice analytics Features are affordable and you can improve them Can make & receive calls Requires a PBX setup for office Needs to pay an add-on price for each feature per month 
Device Flexibility Calls can be made from anywhere on any device Call flipping makes it easier to switch between devices Phones having VoIP features can ring multiple phones & laptops at onceA landline system can  route calls from a landline to a cell phone using the star code option 
Emergency Service E911 calls are enabled upon providing your address VoIP phones are not solely dependent on a location Offers simple and reliable emergency services Easily traced to a certain location 
Call Quality & Reliability Call quality of VoIP is solely dependent on strength of the internet connection Offers more control of call quality & better sound quality Mandatory to have sufficient bandwidth & strong internet connectivityServes quality sound, reliability & lesser dropped calls  Serves consistent call quality 
Scalability Scaling is cost effective and straightforward Do not require additional on-premise charges Automatic updates & digital upgrades Keep your system updated with the latest software and tech. Scaling is a lot trickier For adding more users needs greater phone sets & wired phones You need to pay a provider to install it 
  • Difference in VoIP & Landline Voice Quality   
Uses wideband codecs  Uses narrow band codecs 
Higher bit depth of audio       2.    Lower bit depth of audio    
Much better quality of voice       3.    Poorer quality of calls  

Using VoIP services you will get crystal clear calls.

Frequently Asked Question:

What should I be looking for within my VoIP system?

Ans: You need to ensure that the designed system falls within the price range. Also, it needs to come with a support team. Last but not least, it needs to deliver the functionalities you desire.

Is it mandatory for me to have broadband internet for VoIP to work?

Ans: Yes, without a broadband internet connection, VoIP won’t work.

Can I consider VoIP to be secure?

Ans: Calls you make using VoIP are usually quite secure. These calls remain encrypted for enhancing the security level.

What type of tech setup and internet connectivity do I need for VoIP

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Enhancing your small business with VoIP

— Still wondering about the worth of VoIP for small businesses!

Choosing VoIP over PSTN based phone systems can help you communicate better with customers. It doesn’t matter where you live. VoIP systems will provide you many advantages. So, you can operate at optimal capacities.

If you’re ready to take the leap of switching to cloud based systems, then have a look at our VOS3000 Softswitch and our VoIP solutions for your small businesses. The benefits of switching to VoIP will be worth it for your business, in the long run.

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