VOS3000 SoftSwitch – Installation And Rent Solution Services

Many of us heard the name of VOS3000 Softswitch. But we hardly know anything about it. If you are new to this field and plan to start a VOIP business, this is the most popular Softswitch for the wholesale carrier. It is a Linux based Softswitch developed by Linknat Limited. If you don't have proper knowledge of it. For your kind information, a Softswitch aka Software Switch is a call switching component used in the telecommunication network. It works like a bridge between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks. With the rise of the latest technology, the use of Softswitch for call controlling and processing of media streams is increasing at a high pace. 

Among the several soft switches, It is the most popular and widely used Softswitch in the telecommunication industry. With the help of this Softswitch, you can operate any management system without any issues. If you want a reliable, carrier-class, stable, and high-performance system, this is the best choice for small and large enterprises.

With its help, your company can support up to 5,000 simultaneous calls with media for a single server and handle a maximum of 20,000 accounts with online phones with IVR, IP PBX, Media Sampling, Transcoding Recoding, and many more.

Furthermore, VOS3000 is one of the best VoIP Softswitch around the world. You can get a stable feature and a dedicated server to maintain hassle-free communication between your users or clients. WDTelecom comes with completed solutions with the best VoIP server to boost your VoIP business. If you want to get a reliable performance to uplift your wholesale VoIP business, our premium service & support is at your hand. Why should you take it from WD Telecom? Our managed piece will give you the peace of mind that your business is well looked after, letting you focus on what you do best.

System Performance:

  • Single server:  More than 10,000 concurrent calls 
  • Media forwarding capability: More than 4,000 
  • Concurrent calls Call per second: At most 1200CPS (4,320,000BHCA) 
  • Protocol: SIP,H323,HTTP,TCP/UDP
  • Capacity: Version V2.1.2.4 & V2. handle up to 5000 concurrent calls protocol

Do you want to set up your own VOIP business? You also must know all about its features. 

Features of  Vos3000:

  • This is mostly used in call centre, auto dialer & broadcast services platform
  • Least cost routing and routing by Aggregation Services Router (ASR)
  • You can analyze connection and interruption
  • You will get voice codec priority setting
  • You can handle millions of global cards business system
  • And you can automatically add the phone area code without any issue
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • High-End Intel Exon Server Routing by ASR
  • LCR(Least cost routing) Real-time monitoring for Call Performance

This is very popular for its best quality server as it is providing the most secure and anti-hacking platform. It is always up to date with its versions along with the features. From the version of to the latest, VOS3000 is always trying to give the best features for their consumers and users, especially for the VoIP operators. If you want real-time monitoring for your call performance with excellent compatibility, it is your ideal choice.

We hope that you have gained some basic knowledge of this Softswitch and its useful features. If you want to know more about the technical things, We put Vos3000 manual under this article. You can check the manual along with the training from our specialists.

Here Is The Packages and Prices

choose your desired version with dedicated VoIP server
Simultaneous Calls CPU CORE RAM Disk Bandwidth Security Online Phone Account Price
VOS3000 v2.1.1.5 500 cc Xeon E3-1270v2 2.4Ghz 2 Core 4 GB 250 GB SSD 10 TB CGI Based 1000 49.99$ ORDER
VOS3000 v2.1.2.0 1000 cc Xeon E3-1270v3 2.4Ghz 4 Core 8 GB 280 GB SSD 20 TB CGI Based/Online IP Allow 2000 79.99$ ORDER
VOS3000 v2.1.2.4 1500 cc Xeon E3-1270v3 3.50 Ghz 4 Core 8 GB 320GB SSD 30 TB CGI Based/Online IP Allow 3000 99.99$ ORDER
VOS3000 v2.1.4.0 2000 cc Xeon E3-1270v3 3.50 Ghz 8 Core 8 GB 380GB SSD 50 TB CGI Based/Online IP Allow 5000 119.99$ ORDER
VOS3000 v2.1.6.0 3000 cc Intel Xeon E5-2620 12Core 16 GB 500GB SSD 80 TB CGI Based/Online IP Allow 8000 149.99$ ORDER

One Time Installation & Custom Order

We have multiple colocation servers to boost your VoIP experience. Contact us today for a one-time installation.

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Why VOS3000 is the Best Softswitch?

High Stability

A Softswitch has to do multiple works simultaneously. As a result, many of the soft switches fail while working. VOS3000 gives you freedom from this burden. It supports Overload protection, load balancing, and redundancy backup mechanism to provide you with uninterrupted service. Despite its high capacity, It also is proven to be highly stable even after rigorous testing.

High Performance

Performance is a crucial indicator of your business’s development. To ensure high performance, It provides you with the option to manage multiple systems simultaneously. We offer real-time reports and analysis to boost your business performance. It focuses not only on enhancing your processing performance but also on the overall performance of your business.

Secure and Reliable

One of the main strengths of VOS3000 is that it is very secure, reliable, and user-friendly. It gives you the power to manage almost all your Softswitch-related needs and to work on multiple channels. It is one of the most reliable soft switches available in the market. It has a secured and high capacity backbone support that will gain your trust quickly.

All The Latest VOS3000 Versions Features

Version v2.1.8.0

The latest version has been identified as a stable and efficient high-performance carrier-class system even after extensive research. It also follows its ancestor versions’ footprint by providing features like System Management, User Management, Data Query, and Web Self-Service System, among other features.

Version v2.1.7.0

This upgraded version integrates add-on modules like the Global Card Business System (supports 10 million cards) and Extreme Media Proxy like it’s older versions. It also gives you Alarm management, IVR voice mails, dynamic blacklists, and many other cutting-edge features.

Version v2.1.6.0

This upgrade brings top-notch features like Cards Management, Gateway Management, Phone Management, Softswitch Management, Limit management, and many more following its predecessors. It also supports centos (6.0/6.7/6.7), so no hacking.

Version v2.1.4.0

This upgraded VOS3000v2.1.4.0 version Softswitch is a safe and efficient high-performance carrier-class system supporting up to 10,000 concurrent calls. It also supports SIP/H323/SIP-H323/HTTP, TCP/UDP.

Version v2.1.2.6

The version supports additional modules such as Global Card Business System and Extreme Media Proxy. Some state of the art additional features like account management, various exchange rates, and many more.

Version v2.1.3.0

This Version follows the legacy of providing stable support with additional features like management, custom rate management, package management, quality call routing, CDR reports, and many more.

VOS3000 Manual

Are you looking for the VOS3000 manual to do troubleshooting the unwanted issues? I am going to explain what to do when you are facing issues with it.

VOS is the short form of the VoIP Operating System. It is undoubtedly a secure & powerful wholesale VOIP billing solution with a new web interface. 

Where Can I Use VOS3000? 

The field of Softswitch is spreading day by day, and it is not limited to just account management or Rate Management. Due to the rapid innovation of technology, we can also use it in almost every sector that requires proper management. 

  • Account Management
  • ExchangeRate Management
  • Rate Management
  • Package Management
  • Cards Management
  • Gateway Management
  • Phone Management
  • Softswitch Management
  • IVR Management
  • System Management
  • User Management
  • Data Query
  • Web Self-Service System

The switch also integrates add-on modules like the Global Card Business System (support 10 million cards) and Extreme Media Proxy for you to build a stable, reliable, and High-Performance operating system. If you can get proper training, you can also run it in VoIP operators, VoIP voice network construction and value-added business applications for Large Enterprise customers, millions of global cards business system, call Center, IP Enterprise PBX other value-added services platform.

Why is VOS3000 Chinese?

Well, this is becoming a trending question related to the VOS3000 manual. Some of our clients already noticed VOS3000 in the Chinese version though they did not change the default language. It is widely happening in the versions of v2.1.4.0, v2.1.3.2, and v2.1.6.0.

So why is this happening?

As we know, Linknat Limited is currently distributing VOS3000 to its suppliers. Do we know where they belong? Linknat Limited is a Hong-kong based company where their primary language is Chinese. So, It is a Chinese product but the best in the world as a VoIP operating system.

Sometimes, we notice language changes whenever we log in to the client app by double click. It mainly happens for unusual Java rendering and some core permission issues conflicting between VOS3000 and the Windows operating system.

How to Switch VOS3000 to English

It is an easy task to change the language to English. Whether your default language is Chinese or not, you can change it to English when you are on the login screen. Before pressing the login button, you need to select your desired language from the Language drop-down option. 

How to Change WebClient port in VOS3000

Sometimes we need to change the Web Client port or browser client port to avoid confliction with other software who are also using the same port. If you want to change the Web Client port, you need to follow the following steps. 

Note: the default web client port is 8080.

Use the below rule to change your vos3000 client to access the server on a different port as 7877 or change as per your requirement.

Download IPtables list from (https://wdtelecom.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/iptablets.txt) and modify as per your requirement 

Download Iptables

Edit and upload iptables.txt on your server and apply the Iptables rule 

#iptables-restore < /your upload path/iptables.txt

How to Change or Add the sip register port in VOS3000

The default port of Vos3000 sip: 5060 and 6060

The rc4 is 5070 (linknat.com defines the encryption)

You can modify the mbx3000 config file to add the registered port

by editing  “/home/kunshi/mbx3000/etc/Softswitch.conf ”


Open your server by putty, Then, 

nano /home/kunshi/mbx3000/etc/Softswitch.conf

SS_NAME=” MBX3000″





SS_SIP_PORT=”5060,6060” (Change 5060 and inset your port)


  • Add the ports and save and exit
  • Now restart the mbx services
  • /etc/init.d/mbx3000d reload
  • now check the new ports which you have added
  • netstat -anp|grep “port number” (you added)

We hope you have got some required answers to your questions and a clear understanding of VOS3000 Manual. Please let us know. Our support engineer will help you to get the ultimate help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I download VOS3000 versions from WD Telecom?
WD Telecom provides the download links for both current and existing versions. You can simply visit our download page, and download it for your VoIP business.
2How many concurrent calls can I make with it?
You can make up to 10,000 concurrent calls that will help you to control a large pool of customers.
3What is the alternative to VOS3000?
Though It is always the king of making concurrent VoIP calls, you can choose some other VoIP SoftSwitches such as VoIP Switch.
1Do I need a dedicated server to run VOS3000 SoftSwitch?
If you want to start a VoIP business successfully, we recommend you to choose a dedicated server to manage the SoftSwitch for better performance.
2Where can I find more details on it?
Wd Telecom comes with enough resources to learn more about it. If you want to know information more, just you simply visit our voip blog.
3How many online phone accounts can VOS3000 handle?
With the simultaneous services of it, you can handle up to 20,000 online phones with VR, IP PBX, Media Sampling, Transcoding, Recoding, and many more.