Hosted Switch Solution -Integrated Carrier-Grade VoIP Softswitch

Hosted VoIP Softswitch is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized IP telephony service providers. With our hosted switch solution, you never have to deal with the complexities and costs of deploying, managing, and maintaining a full switching. Wd Telecom provides carrier-grade service to both retail and wholesale VoIP business.

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WD Telecom is the right place for your business if you want to revamp your VoIP business with the Hosted SoftSwitch. We provide end-to-end support from setting up VoIP Switch to the maintenance of the Softswitch regularly. With our Hosted SoftSwitch service, you can rent VoIPSwitch with four listed server Proxy servers, Registrar server, Back-to-back user agent (B2BUA), and Presence server. With our VoIPSwitch rent service, you do not need to be worried about the maintenance and monitor the Hosted SoftSwitch server.

Hosted VoIP SoftSwitch

Hosted VoIP SoftSwitch
  • Single server deployment to cluster solutions
  • Retail and wholesale services including level 4 reseller
  • Retail traffic services from Calling cards through Callback to Callshops.
  • Multiple routing plans - Least Cost Routing
  • Multiple callback services: Web/ANI/DID/SMS
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VOS3000 Hosted SoftSwitch

Infographic of VOS3000 Hosted SoftSwitch
  • Provide all the available versions of VOS3000.
  • Real-time bandwidth monitoring tool.
  • Free installation of the VOS3000 Hosted SoftSwitch.
  • 24/7 customer support for maintenance.
  • Carrier grade service provider for wholesale
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Mera MVTS Pro Hosted SoftSwitch

Infographic of Mera MVTS Pro Hosted SoftSwitch
  • Installation of MERA MVTS II with Asterisk or FreeSwitch.
  • Custom hosted server with Linux for system administration and monitoring.
  • Interactive billing system with clear automation.
  • Carrier-grade transit feature for VoIP wholesale business.
  • Unmatched routing engine for easy maintenance.
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iTel Switch Plus Hosted SoftSwitch

Infographic of iTel Switch Plus Hosted SoftSwitch
  • Installation of iTel Switch Plus.
  • No hassle of maintaining and monitoring a Softswitch server.
  • Transparent monitoring system for the administrator.
  • Flexible billing system.
  • 24/7 customer support with 99.999% uptime SLA.
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Key Features of Hosted Softswitch

High Performance and Compatibility

WD Telecom provides a wide array of premium-grade hosted Softswitches that is compatible with other solutions and offers excellent performance. Our hosted Softswitches have the capability to handle more than 5,000 concurrent calls per user account at any given moment. They are easy to install and support almost every codec to provide you with the output you desire. Our Softswitches are multifunctional and customizable to your every Softswitch need. Choose our hosted Softswitches to enjoy a seamless business experience.

Dynamic Call Routing

All of our hosted Softswitches support dynamic call routing. The more advanced your routing option is, the more profit can be earned. We value your resources, so we make sure our Softswitches give you the opportunity to maximize your profit. We provide Least Call Routing (LCR), Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Routing, Aggregation Service Routing (ASR), and more. With our hosted Softswitches, you can control every penny you’ll be spending.

Real-time Reports and Analysis

We know that monitoring your business operation is vital. It helps to find out the gaps and improve your services in a particular sector. To help you in this aspect, all of our hosted Softswitches come with the feature of providing detailed reports and analysis on demand. Our elaborate reporting system will allow you to check CDR, page traffic, revenue, sales, billing, and many more. All of our Softswitches comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. So you can get the insight into your business operations whenever you want

Robust Billing Management

At WD Telecom, we know the importance of a robust multilevel billing management system. That’s why all of our hosted Softswitches include a powerful and dynamic billing management engine. We offer multiple languages, currencies, and online payment support, as well as a flexible invoice generation system. All of our Softswitches are scalable, automatic, and accurate. Want precise and absolute control over your business? We can help.

Multilayer Security

Security is another major concern for most businesses. With our premium quality features like zero downtime, multilayered firewall, 2FA, OTP, Advanced password management, PIN, and cutting-edge encryption system, you’ll feel more secure than ever. We use a state of the art security networks as a backbone in our every Softswitch that will give you freedom from the burden to worry over security measures. Focus on what you do the best. Leave the rest to us.

Best Hosted Switch to Boost VoIP Platform

At WD Telecom, we are offering some of the best hosted-Softswitch solutions available in the market. The key benefits of having a hosted switch solution from WD Telecom is simplification and cost-efficiency.

We provide professional class hosted Softswitch services for VOS3000, iTel Switch Plus, Mera MTVS Pro, VoIPSwitch, and many other soft switches with top-notch framework support.

Cut your hardware, networking, and engineering cost of building or maintaining an on-premise Softswitch with our dynamic and robust hosted Softswitch solutions. Make your business operations simpler than ever. WD Telecom gives you the option to eliminate the complexities of deploying and maintaining a carrier-class hosted switch management groundwork.

Why You Should Choose Hosted Softswitch?

Suppose you want to open a VoIP business or doing business in the VoIP industry already. If that’s the case, it’s safe to assume that you know the importance of a Softswitch well. Now imagine all the power, performance, and flexibility minus the hassle of deploying the infrastructure from scratch and maintaining it on a regular basis.

It sounds amazing, right? At WD Telecom, we do just that. We’ll take the burden of deploying and maintaining your hosted solutions off your shoulder so that you can focus on what matters the most. The fantastic features of a hosted Softswitch solution will make your VoIP business operations effortless.

Wdtelecom Ensured Features

Easy maintenance
High stability

Hosted Switch vs. On-Premise Switch

Hosted Switch On-premise Switch
Mobility It provides mobility It provides mobility
Cost Cheaper than an on-premise switch An on-premise switch is pricey compared to a hosted VoIP switch
Installation and Maintenance The service provider will cover installation and maintenance The VoIP business is responsible for the maintenance and installation that costs extra and takes more time
Scalability Expand your limits anytime you want It is hard to scale your VoIP business with an on-premise switch.
Flexibility It is flexible and doesn’t require much physical interaction It is not as flexible as a hosted switch


1How to Rent Full Hosted VoIP Solution?
We have full stack solution for your VoIP business. We have configured server with soft switch installed. Our support online 24 hours who can configure it out on your demand. They provide you tutorial, video and configuration documentation with pdf or others format on text.
2Can I host the Softswitch on your server?
Yes, of course. We have multiple data centers worldwide and offer you related services like servers, backups, IP addresses, etc.
3Do you provide technical support?
Yes. Our expert and dedicated support team is ready 24/7 to assist you in any way possible.
4Will mobile dialers work with 3rd party Softswitch?
Yes. You can use the mobile dialer of your choice. They’ll work just fine.
1Can I use my existing VoIP phones?
Yes. Feel free to use the VoIP phone you desire.
2Will I get a dedicated IP address?
Yes. We’ll provide you with a dedicated IP address on-demand.
3What is SIP?
SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) is a VoIP protocol standard. It has been widely adopted as the preferred industry standard by phone and switch manufacturers.
4What is a Hosted VoIP Switch?
Hosted VoIP switch is the core of any VoIP infrastructure. It is a scalable SIP platform that supports a wide array of features like retail operations, calling cards and callback services. This is a highly cost-effective and secured solution for VoIP operations.