Non CLI Routes

Also known as the “Grey Route,” the NON CLI routes refer to a specialized VoIP CLI route where the call receiver cannot see any information about the caller. Usually, the display shows a generic number or blocked option to the receiver.

Though it has some limitations, those who look for a cheaper solution can definitely work with NON-CLI routes. NON CLI routes have the possibility to disappear at any time, terminate the call, and provide low voice quality.

Usually, NON CLI routes are sim based and have some kind of restrictions to operate. But NON CLI routes are far cheaper than CLI routes. Sometimes the difference in price can be up to 80%.

What Do We Offer to Our Customers?

WD Telecom offers the best quality grey/NON CLI routes possible to give you a cheaper solution with the best voice quality. We offer features like International Top-up, Wholesale voice Termination, CC Routes, and SMS services to make your termination easy and affordable.

The Key Benefits You will Get: → Cheaper solution → Easy to use → Works over gsm network → Easy termination → More convenientWD Telecom Live Support