itel Switch Plus: Softswitch for Next-Generation itel VoIP witch

There are a lot of soft switches to choose from when it comes to your VOIP business. But why iTel switch plus when you can get a ton of other free soft Switches? In this article, I will help you understand why iTel Switch over them all and how you can use it to boost your VoIP business growth more than ever.

iTel Switch Plus is a multi tasking Softswitch platform for worldwide Wholesale, Retail, Call shop & Calling card business. With a customizable and expandable VoIP Softswitch with integrated billing system, it works as an ideal platform for all VoIP service providers that want to offer a wide range of VoIP services. ITel Softswitch real-time call control facility with detailed and concise reports helps VoIP service providers plan accordingly and manage business comfortably.

ITel VoIP Softswitch is designed to meet the highest needs of telecom operators. It also provides the most reliable and cost-effective solution with which VoIP providers can grow as a global VoIP organization. Support for multi-level distributors, simple user interface, integrated billing and smart routing, and 4 and 5 Softswitch functions are some of the many advantages of the iTel Switch key.

iTel Plus Advance Features:

  • Dynamic Rate Plan Management
  • Flexible & Advanced Routing
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Multilayer Security
  • Call Simulator
  • Behavioral Based Advanced Alarm System
  • Robust DID Management
  • Multilevel Client management
  • Powerful Payment Management

iTel Switch Plus Softswitch Packages and Prices

High call handeler english version iTel Switch Plus full version softswitch download
Simultaneous Calls CPU CORE RAM Disk Bandwidth SIP Account Price
iTel Switch Plus v7.2.X 100 cc Xeon E3-1270v2 2.4Ghz 2 Core 4 GB 250 GB SSD 10 TB 1000 119.99$ ORDER
iTel Switch Plus v7.2.X 200 cc Xeon E3-1270v3 2.4Ghz 4 Core 8 GB 280 GB SSD 20 TB 2000 149.99$ ORDER
iTel Switch Plus v7.2.X 300 cc Xeon E3-1270v3 3.50 Ghz 4 Core 8 GB 320GB SSD 30 TB 3000 179.99$ ORDER
iTel Switch Plus v7.2.X 500 cc Xeon E3-1270v3 3.50 Ghz 8 Core 8 GB 380GB SSD 50 TB 5000 220.00$ ORDER
iTel Switch Plus v7.2.X 1000 cc Intel Xeon E5-2620 12Core 16 GB 500GB SSD 80 TB 8000 380.00$ ORDER

Onetime Installation And Custom Order

We have USA, UK, EU, SINGAPORE many colocation server. You can contact us for onetime installation.

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What is iTel switch plus and what does it do?

It is a widely used highly customizable and scalable VoIP Softswitch ideal for all kinds of VoIP service providers. It comes is a revolutionary Softswitch that can meet all your highest expectations in your VoIP necessities.

  • The iTel Softswitch can help you with your need in the sector of Traffic origination
  • Callshop
  • DID's
  • PC2Phone
  • Mobile VoIP applications
  • IP devices, and
  • Calling cards.

Why Pick iTel Switch? 

There are a bunch of different soft switches available. Maybe you're using one right now. You may be wondering why you should invest your time and money in another Softswitch. Or, you may be thinking of opening a new VoIP business and wondering what Softswitch will best support your customized needs or will it be affordable. We're here to answer all of those questions popping in your head and explain why iTel switch plus is the best choice for you, whether you are starting a new business or already tired of your overused Softswitch and thinking of a better alternative. 

1. Customizable Rate Plan 

You can manage your rate plan according to your needs. You can enjoy FnF rates in your VoIP calls. Choose pick and off Pick based rates, Create new multiple rates as per your linkings, and have easy access to all your rate planes. If this doesn't make VoIP business smoother, nothing will. 

2. Advanced Routing System

Itel switch plus can make your routing miseries go away just like that. You can enjoy different routing sets based on prefix, priority, time, quality, LLR, LCR, and many more. You can even get routing based on traffic sharing/percentage. It feels like a VoIP genie granting all your VoIP wishes. 

3. Monitoring made easy

We know collecting useful data from your Softswitch can be a bit of a hassle. iTel switch plus has solved the problem amazingly. After creating an account with it. And you'll be able to monitor live calls with every detail needed with summary reports. It'll also help in SR / ACD Quality monitoring for the best performance. It'll also generate pie charts, bar graphs to help visualize the business process you need to follow. 

4. Top-notch Security System

iTel Switch Plus takes your headache about security and makes you free of the heavy burden of constantly thinking about /updating your valuable data's security. You don't have to worry about user authentication, failed attempts, white/blacklist, or change in billing history anymore. You'll get the option to restrict IP to your liking as well. 

5. Up to Date Alarm System

After you log in to iTel switch, the system will keep you updated for every activity going on within your system to help you relax a bit and be prepared for anything in advance. You'll get an SMS/email/system notification for Disk/CPU/memory usage, unauthorized uses access, performance alert (ASR, ACD, Average PDD), and many more. 

6. Advanced Route Checking

This advanced monitoring feature will help you to adjust your call routing to your liking. You can check the available route of a dialled number, check out the routing sequence, and explore the status, route quality, gateway, and available list of routes. You can also find out how effective the route you're taking is and take the necessary steps to adjust the route based on your needs.

 7. Better Client management

Client management is a vital part of any VoIP business. To help smoothen the process, iTel gives toy the option to support four types of clients (Reseller, Originating, Terminating, and Both). You can create Commission/Rate Based resellers, give your clients both prepaid and postpaid options, manage client wise separate IVR, currency, and even language. Also It will make your VoIP business a fun game in which you'll prosper day by day. 

8. Revolutionary DID management system.

It has brought a revolutionary change in DID management. With this Softswitch, you can purchase DID online and manage DID extension/ personal DID/DID hunting numbers. You can also use the most dynamic and interactive IVR in multiple languages to help you get better output in your lead generation part of the business. The DID management system will also make your business easier, smoother, and more professional than ever. 

9. Easy and comfortable payment gateway

One of iTel Switch's best features is that it supports Multiple online Payment Gateways in multiple currencies with an automatically updated conversation rate. You can get notified even if a client made the payment via bank and upload the system's information. You can generate automated invoices and send them to your clients as well. Getting paid has never been easier. 

Price of iTel Switch Plus: 

The pricing depends on the usage of it. If you have a higher number of concurring calls, the charges will go up. All of the licensed versions of iTel Switch plus are based on a single server. Depending on how many concurring calls you are having, the billing/price will change. As the price is based on a one-time purchase, you don't need to repeatedly subscribe to the amazing Softswitch.  

In a nutshell:

Choosing the optimum Softswitch for your VoIP business is vital for steady growth. Just imagine what you can do and figure out what is holding your business back. In most VoIP business cases, it is the lack of a proper Softswitch that holds back the prosperity of a business. So be careful in choosing the appropriate Softswitch that will boost your business. Please note what you want from your Softswitch, how it will help your VoIP business develop.  

With that being said, I hope I've made some clear points on what you should be looking for in a Softswitch. If you're not satisfied with what you have right now, try moving to that one that will fulfil all of your requirements and help you boost your VoIP business. 

Good luck out there!  

iTel Switch FAQs

1Can I forward/receive the calls from another Softswitch?
Yes. iTel Switch supports both PIN-to-PIN and PINless calling. So you can forward or receive calls from other Softswitches.
2Which operating system will I need to install the iTel switch plus?
You can choose any operating system from Unix Family. For example, the Softswitch can be installed on the Linux operating system.
3How many levels of resellers can I create?
You may add as many resellers to your account you need. iTel Switch is the only Softswitch in the industry that offers unlimited resellers for any sub-account. However, you can set routes, billing, and reports individually for each customer.
1Will Itel Switch plus drop the running call if the balance goes to zero?
The system never allows the user account balance to reach negative. The system compares the destination rate with the available balance in real-time mode before making the call. It will enable the running call as long as the balance remains for that particular destination.
2Do you provide any online reports to monitor traffic?
As a switch owner, you can log-on to iTel Billing with your username and password to view the customized reports.
3Can I use any SIP devices on the iTel Switch platform?
Yes. It supports any standard SIP device.