VoIP Termination – A to Z Termination

Crystal Clear A to Z Termination

WD Telecom offers A-Z termination (Wholesale VoIP) as well as dedicated white route termination (White CLI Routes)
provide services via Tier-1 VoIP Providers.


Secure Billing

100% authentic minute with crystal clear voice service

Crystal Voice

Fas free voice service with crystal clear voip termination.

Technical support

Which support you want? We have all like online live chat 24 hours, ticket system, online portal & email.

Complete solutions

WD Telecom on of the name of provide full solution in one package which no one can bit.

A-Z Termination

WD Telecom offers A-Z termination (Wholesale VoIP) as well as dedicated white route termination (White CLI Routes) services via Tier-1 VoIP Providers.

It is a small effort on our part to complement our VoIP offerings and provide you with a complete VoIP Solution (Hardware, Billing and Traffic Termination) for your VoIP Business. Therefore, the clients of WD Telecom are assured that all their business components are managed in a professional manner and with the technical expertise that only WD Telecom can provide. For more details about our A-Z Termination and dedicated White CLI termination services, please contact at [email protected]

  • Top Quality Worldwide Call Routing.
  • Superior VoIP Network Security.
  • Backed-up platform to guarantee our VoIP services.
  • 24x7 oversight of our Tier-1 network operations
  • Performance in near-real time, submit tickets

WD Telecom team has been certified by the best providers of VoIP hardware, integrated voice, data and networking equipment and possesses many years of VoIP Solution and maintenance experience.

We fully understand your business and we know how important it is for you and your clients to get VoIP support when you most need it. Our functional management tool provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they have a clear idea of their traffic and balance of their accounts. If you wish to see an overview of our Carrier Management Tool, in addition to the outstanding tools and the kind of quality we offer please feel free to contact us.

Query about VoIP rate to our live person

Our live person wait for you to give top destination rate on your budget. We know how important is for you to offer competitive services to our clients and this is why we are tirelessly working on providing you with the most competitive rates in the VoIP market.

top countries

We have top destination country rate for your VoIP termination business, Its automated system that we mail you or giving portal access to notify each and every country destination.


Both CLI and NON CLI prefix rate available for you to make connect your sip server cheap rate globally superior VoIP network service.

Top Destination

We have cheap rate money making top destination India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Cuba, Indonesia, UAE, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco both CLI and Non CLI route.

Sip Server

Can interconnect 4+ sip server with your voip soft switch, we have voipswitch, vos3000, MVTS, Sippy and Asterisk also so its easy to connect softswitch get real-time billing.