White CLI Routes

CLI route is also known as the “White Route.” This type of VoIP route makes sure that the caller info is visible to the call receiver. So there is no legal issue or risk of violation related to it. CLI routes can offer better voice quality and steady connection throughout the call. The white route is one of the best routes possible for a stable and secure connection.

Instead of generating random details for the caller, CLI routes display actual information about the caller. CLI routes also provide top-notch voice quality over the call. So building a reliable connection with the client becomes easier.

The only drawback of a white/CLI route is that it is a bit more expensive than grey routes. The high price of CLI routes mainly comes from the high voice quality it supplies, though other factors may contribute as well.

At WD Telecom, we offer the best voice quality, stable routes, multi-level testing, and a price-to-performance ratio for more affordability and convenience.

What do we provide to our customers?

We offer VoIP White CLI Routes to Africa, Middle East, Europe, Caribbean, North America, and ASIA. My Country Mobile also Provides Direct+1 Routing. Where Customers will have lower rates, but it will not 100% direct CC CLI routes. We will offer them the most economical prices because of the volume of calls we have sent to Direct +1 operator. Also, sometimes we have a swap deal option with Operators. Where operators offer us lower rates to different destinations because we can send them traffic.

The Key Benefits: → High voice quality → High stability → Low or no risk of legal/violation issue → Reliable connection → Secure connection → No special restriction → Maintain transparencyWD Telecom Live Support