7 Benefits of hosted VOIP services in 2022

Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses in 2022
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Benefits of hosted VoIP services

VoIP hosting service, also known as “hosted PBX” brings a company the maximum profit at the lowest possible cost. 

As more and more companies seek to reduce their business costs, the adoption rate of hosted VoIP is increasing globally. VoIP hosting service is considered a very flexible method for companies with limited funds. It helps aspiring service providers to build their businesses with minimal risk. 

Hosted VoIP services allow you to provide a wide range of VoIP-based solutions to your customer base without investing much. Good thing is that – you don’t need to buy your own infrastructure. It is highly customizable, highly scalable, easy to manage, and inexpensive. So, VoIP hosting can be easily deployed in a short period of time.

In this article, we are going to break down the benefits of hosted VoIP services. We will also discuss why it is beneficial than the traditional phone service. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits of hosted VoIP services

Although some companies prefer hosted VoIP, other companies prefer to host VoIP services privately. This is often referred to as “on-premises” VoIP. Although this allows more control, it requires a lot of initial investment as well as technical knowledge.

Anyways, the benefits will remain the same no matter how you prefer to offer hosted VoIP services.

  1. VoIP service brings peace of mind – 

This hosting service eliminates all the extra troubles you have to go through when starting your own business. This service provides you with comprehensive security at a lower cost. 

Eventually, this will improve the efficiency for both your staff and the process. Also, the host platform allows you to generate smart income and savings. And it is true for hosted VoIP services –

“VoIP has really changed the way we do business.”

Jeff Thompson (Associated faculty in the Princeton institute)

  1. Fast and easy business startup – 

Within 24 hours, your hosting solution can be set up and running. There are very few start-up businesses that can be managed so quickly and easily. 

  1. A business with limited investment – 

Perhaps, this might be the primary benefit from the conversations about hosted VoIP services. In addition to low-cost monthly options, you can use VoIP hosting services without investing in your own infrastructure. The company can save both initial investment costs and ongoing operating costs.

  1. Free maintenance and upgrade –

You don’t need any up-gradation or maintenance costs. Since the host is responsible for everything, you will receive the latest technical updates regularly. Although updates may take a back seat and be delayed on the on-premise server, you don’t need to focus on all other tasks. In this way, managed services ensure continuous and timely updates.  

  1. Get rid of annoying server maintenance – 

Another great thing about VoIP is – you don’t have to worry about the management, maintenance, and support of the Softswitch server. Because all these will be performed by the hosting solution providers. This can save you a lot of time. As a result, you will get more time to focus on core business issues. 

  1. Global customer support for evaluation –

Highly trained personnel will be working on platforms from different manufacturers through a dedicated online portal. They can customize your service and answer your questions at any time. Everything will be ensured to provide an unparalleled customer service quality. 

  1. Business growth that is rock-solid – 

VoIP services can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of the enterprise. This can eliminate the cost of system upgrades, maintenance, staffing, and other regular business costs. So, the company doesn’t have to spend time on these and can concentrate on more important issues. Ultimately this will drive sustainable business growth. Therefore, hosted VoIP can return the best performance from your allocated budget. 

What are the advantages of VoIP service over a traditional phone system

Yes, we have already mentioned the advantages of hosted VoIP services. However, we will describe the benefits a little differently so that you can understand why VoIP hosting services are better than conventional phone services.

In order to show the advantages, we will exhibit a comparison chart between the hosted VoIP service and the traditional phone service – 

TopicVoIP servicePhone service
Management You have to make an appointment with an expert from the service company to install a traditional telephone system in an office. 
You can’t install hardware and wire cables dedicated to the telephone system by yourself. It is a pain to configure or make major changes to the phone line the first time. 
It’s easy to start using VoIP. All you need is a phone that uses the same cables and switches as the local network. The service requires minimal experience and internal skills.
Additional FeaturesNothing really mentionable, just as usual.You can change your business communications by applying the full set of additional VoIP functions. These are some extra addons –
Distribution of automated calls.Interactive voice recognition.Data integration from voicemails to emails.Manage remotely through a web-based administration.Teleconferencing and video chat option
Integration of communicationsOnly voice calls VoIP is integrated with your customer relationship management tool. So, you will have an in-depth understanding of every customer with your company.This may include – MobilityTeleconferencingLive chatSocial media messagesVoice to email transcription 
FlexibilityIncluding some other telephone lines is not easy when you are using an analog or PRI phone service. The process is costly and time-consuming. VoIP permits you to add phone lines from the management portal directly within a few minutes. All you need is a handset and perform few clicks
Unified communications for business potentialIt is not possible to coordinate all types of communication for businessThe followings are the features that enable a perfect unified communication for your business –
Connect multiple phonesInternet connectivityConnect add-on servicesCoordinate all devices under a single network
Cost-effectivenessNot so cost-effectiveA report says –
Medium-sized companies can save 40% on hosted VoIP compared to analog systems.A company with a large demand for international calls can save 90%.
Customer ServiceCustomers can contact only through voice calls Multiple types of customer service ensure customer satisfaction
Unified communications (UC) allows customers to connect via chat, phone, email, and more.Interactive voice recognition (IVR) routes calls to the exact department or person.Accessibility of metrics for proper monitoring and reporting.Smart routing of calls for optimization.


To follow a smooth business process that improves productivity and wise sales growth; WD Telecom provides advanced switches with integrated managed billing and mobile dialers with byte protection programs. All these come with very low monthly rental options.

Along with carrier-class service providers, our hosted VoIP service is beneficial for small and medium IP telephone service providers. WD Telecom provides wholesale help for those who do not want to worry about maintaining and monitoring Softswitch servers.

Our hosted VoIP service is ideal for –

  • Communication Service Providers (CSPs)
  • Small and medium-sized VoIP telecommunicators
  • Telephone Companies (TELCOs)
  • Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSPs)
  • Start-ups
  • Enterprises

We are reliable in the market for offering a wide range of additional features, multiple installation options, 24/7 customer support, and more. So what are you waiting for? Get hosted VoIP solution from WD Telecom now.

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