Cheap Toll Free Number – Voip Local & Toll Free DID

Though it seems a minor aspect, a business phone number significantly impacts your customers. As your company grows day by day, the calls you need to handle will increase as well.  A good /professional phone number to call you will be critical. The more user-friendly you get, the better your impression will be to your customers.

With VoIP toll free numbers, you can choose a number that represents your business. And with local numbers, you get the option to have multiple numbers. At WD Telecom, we offer both local and VoIP toll free numbers to help you keep in touch with your customers 24/7.

1. Local Numbers: Local numbers will help you to build a personal, region-based relation with your customers. They’ll know that you are operating in their area, and they can reach you easily. Local numbers will also help your business grow as you can set up different numbers for different departments of your operation. Local numbers will help you provide a warm, friendly, and neighborly experience to boost customer relationships.

2. VoIP Toll Free Numbers: VoIP Toll free numbers allow you to provide your customer with an easy to remember and cost-free number that will represent your business more professional than ever. Your customer will know they are in professional hands, and that will gain customer reliability. People are more likely to dial a toll free number than make a call that will cost them money.  You can take advantage of this opportunity and spread your business over the globe.

Local or Toll Free Number Features:

  • Build better relationships with your customers.
  • Give a professional look to your business.
  • IVR support (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Call recording support.
  • Call routing support.
  • Real-time report and analysis.
  • Music-on-hold messages.
  • Customizable according to your need.
  • Easier to get feedback.
  • Make your business look reliable and professional.
  • Be available anywhere 24/7.

Local or Toll Free Number Rate and Plan