Cheap Toll Free Number – Virtual 800 VoIP Local and Toll-Free DID

Though it seems a minor aspect, a business phone number significantly impacts your customers. As your company grows day by day, the calls you need to handle will increase as well.  A good /professional phone number to call you will be critical. The more user-friendly you get, the better your impression will be to your customers.

With VoIP toll free numbers, you can choose a number that represents your business. And with local numbers, you get the option to have multiple numbers. At WD Telecom, we offer both local and VoIP toll free numbers to help you keep in touch with your customers 24/7.

1. Local Numbers: Local numbers will help you to build a personal, region-based relation with your customers. They’ll know that you are operating in their area, and they can reach you easily. Local numbers will also help your business grow as you can set up different numbers for different departments of your operation. Local numbers will help you provide a warm, friendly, and neighborly experience to boost customer relationships.

2. VoIP Toll Free Numbers: VoIP Toll free numbers allow you to provide your customer with an easy to remember and cost-free number that will represent your business more professional than ever. Your customer will know they are in professional hands, and that will gain customer reliability. People are more likely to dial a toll free number than make a call that will cost them money.  You can take advantage of this opportunity and spread your business over the globe.

Local or Toll Free Number Features:

  • Build better relationships with your customers.
  • Give a professional look to your business.
  • IVR support (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Call recording support.
  • Call routing support.
  • Real-time report and analysis.
  • Music-on-hold messages.
  • Customizable according to your need.
  • Easier to get feedback.
  • Make your business look reliable and professional.
  • Be available anywhere 24/7.

Do You Need Toll-free Number?

Suppose you're a businessman, and you need to get closer to your customer, maintain effective business communication within your company, or you want to expand your business beyond your local region. If you're wondering about how you can get a cheap toll free number/ 1 800 number/ 800 number for your business, we got you covered. WD Telecom offers the cheapest toll-free numbers without compromising voice quality.

To select the best toll-free number for your business, we need to have a clear idea about what a toll-free number is, How it works, its benefits, and how to get the cheapest 1800/toll-free number service. So stay tuned while we take an in-depth journey to the virtual world of VoIP toll-free numbers. 

ll-free Number? 

A toll-free number has many other names like" one eight hundred number (1 800 number)", "VoIP toll-free number", "Virtual toll-free number". and many more. The basic idea behind a toll-free number is to give your clients a better user experience while making a call to your business. This call will not cost a penny from the caller's end, but you'll have to pay the fees for using a toll-free number.

A toll-free number is a three-digit code assigned by an entity called "Responsible Organization" (RespOrg) which your customers can dial from their phone without them having to pay any charge for it. This is a free-of-cost communication channel that will provide an extra layer of reliability to your clients.

Many people can't pick up the differences between a VoIP toll-free number and a local number. To point you in the right direction, a local number provides a unique layer of identity to your company's brand identity on a smaller region-based client base. On the other hand, a toll-free number can be accessed internationally and can be made entirely free from the caller's part across the country. 

Let's face it. Having a short and memorable number for your business communication is very lucrative. You can even achieve far more goals if your number is reachable anytime, or internationally. At WD telecom, we do just that. We provide smart VoIP toll-free numbers that can be accessed through your cell phone regardless of place and time. 

How Do I get a toll-free number for my business? 

With the overwhelming demand, more than 8000 toll-free numbers are registered every day in the USA alone. 90% of Americans use toll-free numbers regularly. There are a lot of companies out there that offer cheap toll-free numbers. 

But in most scenarios, being cheap doesn't come with good qualities. There might be issues like hidden charges, low voice qualities, additional requirements, restrictions, and many more that will create obstacles in your business communication. 

Many companies offer cheap 800 number/toll-free number service. But it would be better to keep a careful eye on the Provider as there is a scope that you might not get what you need the most. There are some things you need to check before making a contract with a provider. 

How Will I Benefit from a toll-free number? 

  • Customer accessibility and satisfaction: 

Suppose one of your international clients wants to purchase your product. If the call's cost gets greater than the actual product price, there is a very good chance that the customer will refrain from buying. Having a toll-free number makes it easier for the customer to make a positive buying decision. Make the best and long-lasting positive impressions easily to remember the toll-free number and bring a professional look to your company.

  • After-sales service:

Selling a product isn't everything. You have to make sure that your clients get the proper after-sales service. And having a VoIP toll-free phone number can be the bridge between your company and the customers. And as the costing remains on your part, this can create a positive reinforcement/impression on your customer's mind about your company. 

  • Scalability:

You may need to scale your business when the time is right. Or you might need to relocate/rearrange the entire structure. At those times, support from a mobile toll-free number can seem invaluable. So keep connected, always. With our slick cross-platform app, you can be connected to your work even on the go. Cheap toll-free number forwarding can help improve the portability and scalability of your company. 

  • Virtual presence and credibility:

Be there when your customers need you the most. That's a sustainable way to build up a virtual presence for your business. Combined with the right vanity toll-free number, you can communicate strong brand identity to a potentially large consumer base. A toll-free number can create a favourable impression of your business within the mind of a customer instantly. 

  • Reporting: 

It's fairly common for most toll-free phone services to provide sophisticated reporting with convenient online access. The more reports and analysis you can get, the easier it will be to make the decision appropriate in growing your business. 

  • User-experience: 

One of the key benefits of an international toll-free number is that it will help build a better customer relationship with our audience. If customers have the info that your business is easy to communicate regardless of time, that will provide positive reinforcements on your client's mind. So, move one step closer to your target audience and increase brand loyalty. 

Basic features of a toll-free number

Let's take a peek on what features a toll-free number offers: 

  • Voicemail & Fax: You can set up the time to wait before channelling the call to the voicemail, or the length of the voicemail. You can also set a greeting on your voicemail.
  • Portable: Take your business one step closer to your customers as you'll be online where they can reach you from anywhere anytime. Add cheap toll-free numbers to your arsenal to build a strong customer relationship with your clients.  
  • Call Blocking: Our toll-free numbers allow you to restrict calls however you like. You can add Do Not Disturb numbers, send them a busy signal, forward the call to the voicemail directly. You can also specify areas from where you want your calls to come in. 
  • Call Management: a dynamic call management feature gives you options like IVR, Greetings, Call forwarding, Voicemail, Recording and many more. 
  • Custom Call Forwarding: You can forward your calls to specific numbers. You can set forwarding criteria as you like. You can set the call to forward based on various conditions, including the state, area code, time, day, or a specific number. 
  • Caller ID: The call management should offer you insights about real-time True caller ID display and give you the freedom to set custom call management rules. If you have multiple toll-free numbers, you can see the specific number is being called on your Caller ID.
  • Online Management: This particular feature comes in handy when you want to check the reports and analysis online. This dynamic feature will enable you to track calls and view statistics and analytics reports that contain detailed information on the nature of calls. Cloud Voicemail helps you to set and store custom IVR greetings/ Auto attendants as per your liking.
  • Record Calls: You'll have the option to record the call/text logs, and store/archive all the call logs and recordings for later use. You can back up all of your data to your preferred storage anytime you want.
  • VoIP Integration: You might be having questions like how to call a toll-free number from VoIP, right? Well, there is good news for you as you'll be able to send calls over the Internet and take advantage of VoIP (Voice over IP) software and technologies using WD Telecom's VoIP services. Calling a toll-free number from VoIP has never been easier.
  • Virtual PBX/ IVR: You can also opt for advanced services such as WD Telecom's Auto Attendant. This will set up an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system containing a hierarchy of menus, greetings, and extensions to dial. You'll have the option to set an out of office greeting, campaign based greeting and so on. 

Where can I find the best/cheapest toll-free number provider? 

Many companies offer cheap toll-free numbers as a service. But many of them lack in quality or apply hidden charges that can make the operating a VoIP toll-free phone number tricky though it really shouldn't. At WD telecom we offer you the cheapest list of toll-free numbers without compromising the quality. WD Telecom has been working on the VoIP for quite a long time.  

Please look at our toll-free number services to find out the features you lack with your current Provider. 

  • Number change/swap: you should have the freedom to change the toll-free number as per your business requirements.
  • Adjust Call Length: You can, optionally, set a maximum call time to enforce costs. 
  • Free CRM: A built-in CRM will help you manage your contacts and clients better. A good CRM will enable you to manage business contacts effortlessly.
  • Team Account: The best "toll-free number" providers for business will allow you to create and maintain team accounts to increase efficiency.
  • APP: It's better to choose an app that has both android and ios versions. This will help you to reach a broader range of clients. 
  • Extensions: If you're looking for a DID extension, make sure your Provider gives you the scope of choosing the perfect extension for your business.
  • Call Notification: The more dynamic your notification system is, the more you can stay alert. A good quality cheap toll-free number provider should give you the option to opt-in to their email notification system. The email notification will include the destination call number, the Caller ID of the caller, time of day, and the call length. You can also set email alerts/transcripts for voicemails. 
  • Multilevel Call Management: a good toll-free number provider will also offer you multilevel call management like you'll be able to conference the call, send Fax/text/MMS, Manage voicemail, Set up IVRS, and many more. You should also be able to switch the call over voice network or Wi-fi/data.
  • Security: Data security is one of the most critical factors for any business. The right Provider should offer multilevel security like password lock, 2FA and latest technology encryption like AES-256 Data Encryption & PKI Cryptography to provide the maximum protection. 
  • Support: The Provider has to be able to maintain zero downtime when it comes to customer support. You don't know when the next error will occur and 
  • Scalability: The more scalable solution your Provider gives you, the more efficient your business becomes. You can grow your company as per your needs. 
  • Softphone support: A good toll-free number provider will also provide you with the necessary softphone or software support. 
  • Call routing: It'll help you to minimize your cost for international calling by a fat margin. The call will automatically select the cheapest route to terminate the call saving you money. 
  • Reports: Reports and analysis are crucial for any business. To get the key stats and user info, a dynamic and real-time monitoring process is required. 
  • Quality: Quality should be the highest level possible for multilevel call maintenance. If you're looking for a sustainable profit, compromising quality can be a big risk. 
  • Recognition: A reputed company can provide you with more security and quality than some random startup. The Provider should have HIPAA & HITECH Compliance and (Business Associate Agreement) BAA certification.

Why Should I Choose WD Telecom? 

WD Telecom is a secured and renowned toll-free number provider. Suppose you want to buy toll-free numbers for your business communication or provide toll-free number service to your clients. In that case, WD Telecom is here to ease your pain and assist you in building a better customer relationship. 

As nowadays, the demand for smart devices is skyrocketing, our primary focus is to make the system compatible with your device. We try to invest on the proper channel to make the management process of a toll-free number as smooth as possible. 

We'll provide you with the tools needed to grow and scale your business as per your requirements. We'll provide a full-featured virtual phone system that comes with mobile and desktop apps, VoIP services and much more. Please take a peek at our unique features to get a better picture of what you'll be getting. 

  • Texting
  • Voicemail
  • High Recall Value
  • Auto-attendant
  • Extensions
  • Call notes
  • Real-time reports
  • Fast and reliable customer support
  • Cross-platform apps
  • Call forwarding/transferring.
  • VoIP/Wi-Fi calling
  • Customization on demand
  • Advanced notification system
  • Smart number routing
  • Advanced call rotation
  • Dynamic Caller ID

Want to know more? So, we put some of the important questions below related to this to having a clear picture about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions to help you get a better idea. Have a look. 

  • Who pays for toll-free calls?

In case of a national call, the call receiver will pay the fees. However, If you call an international toll-free number, the charges of making an international call will be applicable for the caller. There is one other thing to consider while it comes to pay the charge. If you're using a per minute plan, the call will still charge minutes from your plan.

  • Why are there so many prefixes?

As the demand for a toll-free number keeps increasing exponentially, The FCC has released new prefixes to keep up with the demand. They will launch 822 prefixes in the upcoming days. 

  • What is the difference between a Local Number and a toll-free number?

The key difference is on the charging port of the caller. In a toll-free number, the caller doesn't need to pay the charge for that call. On the other hand, a caller using a local number needs to pay the call's cost. 

  • What is the difference between a Vanity Number and a toll-free number?

 Vanity numbers come to life when you add your business name or the name of your service to your number—for example, 1-800-GOPIZZA. And a toll-free number is a three-digit(800, 822, 855) code that will enable your clients to call you for free. 

  • Do your toll-free numbers have multiple paths for concurrent calls?

Yes. We provide multiple paths for concurrent calls as a built-in feature in our system so that you can receive multiple simultaneous calls without the blocking. 

  • Can I set up an IVR/Auto-attendant for my toll-free number? 

Yes, of course. You can add cloud-based custom greetings and quick extensions. You can design the whole IVR/Auto-attendant process and implement how you see feet.

  • How to get a cheap toll-free number for my cell phone?

Contact us. We'll help you through the step-by-step process to set up a toll-free number that runs on your smart device. 


The toll-free number service is evolving with continuous technological improvements. Now you can turn the whole world into your office. There is a well-known saying from Allan F. Mogensen that feels perfect in the contexts of a toll-free number service. And that is, "Work smarter not harder". It's time to upgrade your business to get a bit closer to your clients.

And WD Telecom can help you choose the right number for your business. If you're focusing on a better customer satisfaction part, selecting the best number and providing easy communication to your clients, a toll-free number with all its glory can easily help you in the long run. Thanks for reading this far. I hope the article may offer some help to you guys or your path to success. Feel free to comment on your suggestion and opinion on the topic. I wish you all a very productive year. Till then, Go smart.