The Importance of Virtual Session Border Controller

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How To Prevent SIP/VoIP Fraud Attacks
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The Importance of Virtual Session Border Controller

Session Border Controller or SBC is dedicated hardware engineered for network infrastructure.

There are similarities in the functionality of an SBC and Layer 4-7 switch. The Layer 4-7 switch requires a dedicated IC to process data packets, while the SBC requires specially designed hardware to manage calls over a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) network.

— A Virtual Session Border Controller is reliable for controlling real-time communication calls/sessions. It works under a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based VoIP infrastructure. Although there are both software and hardware versions available for the SBC, we are going to focus on the software version in this article. 

What is the Importance of  Virtual Session Border Controllers?

A total session control can be achieved with Virtual Session Border Controller with the help of a B2BUA (Back to Back User Agent). 

For instance, if there is a session going on between the internal network and the external network, there will actually be 2 sessions. The first one is from the internal to the SBC, the second is from the SBC to the external, and the SBC is with two participants separately. Therefore, you get full control while the internal network can be hidden from the outside world.

Virtual Session Border Controllers Importance of Virtual Session Border Controller
The Importance of Virtual Session Border Controller 6

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The following 5 are the major importance of Virtual Session Border Controller –  

1) SIP Interoperability

A key function of SBC is the compatibility with  SIP communication between various types of devices. We know that – industry-standard protocols are designed to be consistent across all implementations. But being an industry-standard protocol, SIP hasn’t been implemented in the same way by the vendors. 

SIP offers detailed guidelines allowing various vendors to decide how to implement it in the best way. The guidelines are made through recommendations rather than strict rules. That is why – IP PBX from different providers can communicate through SIP in different ways. To ensure the correct transmission, the signaling commands rely on SBC for broadcasting (called SIP normalization)       

2) Intelligent Session Control

This is one of many smart session management strategies enforced by SBC to ensure that traffic flows smoothly and efficiently in your company’s network. SBC performs call routing where calls are delivered to their final destination choosing the best route possible. 

Therefore, we not only rely on SBC for terminating SIP sessions at the edge of the network but also for bringing significant savings to the company.

3) Security

For many reasons and sources, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) attacks may occur. Some attacks like denial-of-service (DOS) can disrupt the network. Criminals or hackers can interrupt or even shut down an operation by constantly flooding the network with SIP messages. This can have a significant impact on a company’s revenue and productivity.

Even worse, just like kidnapping, they won’t stop doing this until they receive a ransomware payment. An SBC can secure the corporate UC network. It can also maintain the flow of SIP sessions by traversing secure and insecure endpoints. 

4) Scalability

First of all, more and more companies adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. And second, more SIP-based smartphones and tablets are being introduced into the network ecosystem. Therefore, the SIP communication traffic will continue to grow. 

As a result, the SBC that you have currently may not be cost-effectively scalable for the growing demand for traffic tomorrow. WD Telecom offers the widest range of SBCs from a few to multiple sessions with different session scalability. This is good news for network enterprises.

5) Media Services

Do you know – 

 -Why does the sound on your mobile phone and home phone sound different?

That’s because different communication networks use different codecs to transform voice signals into digital transmission. Moreover, different codecs can use more bandwidth for better sound quality or use less bandwidth for faster transmission.   

Through media transcoding, a real SBC can convert these different codecs 

There are two advantages to transcoding,

  • It can reduce network bandwidth – 

By consuming calls by temporarily converting high-bandwidth codecs to low-bandwidth codecs, it can reduce bandwidth for corporate networks. 

  • Improved voice or video quality –

You can also improve voice or video quality by converting messages to local end-user compatible codecs.

Session Border Controller for Enterprises & VoIP Service Providers

As business communications are transforming, new systems and methods are needed to protect IT infrastructure. We can’t rely on the old PB system for VoIP, UC, and cloud services anymore. 

It is wise to connect your business communication infrastructure with multiple SIP trunk service providers, public internet, private IP networks, and other networks. SBC can help you to do that. Eventually, the communication network will be safe after SBC starts to monitor the traffic and enforce all company policies.    

And the integration to VoIP and UC networks provides access to hosted and cloud-based IP communication services and enables remote workers to work from home and communicate seamlessly with overseas offices.

Session Border Controllers Offers the Next Generation Features:

  • Save Money with Advanced Routing – 

Advanced routing includes a variety of routes, each of which has a similar ultimate goal of high-quality services for affordable prices.

  • Mobile Top-Up and Wholesale SMS – 

SBC offers simple and individual management of tariff plans, support for all common international MTU gateways for termination, currency-wise conversation rate, and a lot more. In addition, Route and SMS Rate management can be also handled with SBC.

  • Real-time Billing – 

SBC offers postpaid billing, prepaid billing, real-time CDR processing, multi-currency support, destination lock or unlock feature, instant and recurring billing options, online payment gateway integration, and many more. 

  • Multi-part Management – 

SBC offers some of the next-generation functions for supporting business communication and company management such as – account management, installment plan management, customer management, agent account management, and event management.

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For adopting the latest technologies such as VoIP, UC, and BYOD programs and temporarily extending IP communication across network boundaries; IT organizations face many issues. These issues can be related to service quality, interoperability, and complex security.

— And Enterprise Virtual Session Border Controller is the all in all solution to solve all these issues. It was designed according to an innovative way to become the perfect solution.

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