Common Problems & Solutions for the Wholesale VoIP Providers

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Common Problems & Solutions for the Wholesale VoIP Providers

While a VoIP reseller resells VoIP Services, the wholesale providers can buy and sell VoIP routes at the same time. Keeping a decent profit for themselves, the VoIP wholesale providers purchase routes from one service provider and sell them another. So you can guess the wholesale VoIP business operates in a larger module than other VoIP businesses.

—The VoIP professionals of wdtelecom have many years of experience in this sector. They have come across almost every possible and imaginable error that occurs in the wholesale VoIP business. This has brought us to discuss these problems and share the solutions for them.

Common Problems in Wholesale VoIP Business from Providers Perspective-

Problem With Credentials:

Perhaps, this is the most common problem. Often, the upstream carriers offer limited information for credentials, which causes issues for authentication. You will hit back with a ‘401 unauthorized’ message unless you are properly authenticated. But that’s not the biggest problem. The real problem is – you have to deal with inexpedient traffic until the authorization is successful.

—On top of that, poor internet connection can be another reason for invalid credentials. To check if a call is properly authenticated or not, you can perform an interconnection. Most importantly, ensure your switch is sending 401s to you otherwise, you won’t even know if your switch is hit by traffic. This can be a shameful incident if your customer tells you they are getting 401s when you can’t even see it.

Impractical Routing:

Incorrect or impractical routing of VoIP calls is the second biggest problem. You don’t want to be ashamed of yourself for receiving customers’ calls saying their calls are not working. It’s a shame for yourself and your company. And you will start to lose customers if necessary steps are not taken properly.

Unable to Understand the Rate Cards:

Theoretically, rate cards seem to be pretty simple at first. But the simplicity vanishes once the expensive and long prefixes appear. That’s where the trouble comes. Things can be more confusing when twisted topics like LRN, Interstate and Intrastate billing start to appear.

Poor Understanding of Implemented SIP Standards:

Poor Understanding of Implemented SIP Standards

It might be possible to forgive errors in translation, but it is not possible to excuse your unawareness of SIP codes. Yes, we know we are being a bit harsh here. But if you can’t understand when a 404 is not a 404 or you can’t deal with more complex SS7 and POTS, then it becomes a matter of concern.

Here are some of the issues for poor understanding of several factors –

  • You have configured the switch incorrectly if it decides to resend a 404 code for the lack of your customer’s credit.
  • Although both 408 and a 487 take place before a call is being connected, only 487 takes place when there is a CANCEL command.
  • Every call should hit you back with 100 Trying code when there is an error as it is the normal process. If that is not the case, then there is probably something wrong with your switch as it can’t provide detailed error information. Hence, you have to help yourself to identify and resolve it.
  • Keep both the To header and URI consistent. Because it will cause trouble if these two ever differ accidentally. There are chances of such incidents when a switch decides to route calls by To headers instead of the usual URI.

Ambiguous Communication

Miscommunication between two persons can play a role in delaying solving an issue. To be exact, it is actually the fault of the customer who is unable to explain the problem correctly. We are not blaming the service provider.

For example – you may hear something like “My call is not working”. Here the customer didn’t specifically add anything like he is getting a 404 back or he has checked his number from an independent route, or simply confirming the validity of his number.

What will you do in this type of case? Will you keep on the conversation to know more about the issue from him? This will be a waste of your time as the customer isn’t experienced enough to tell you more about the issue. Try to solve the problem instantly with your expertise and performing searches. This can solve the problem quickly and your customer will be happy as well.

Solutions of Solving the Common Problems in the Wholesale VoIP

Solutions of Solving the Common Problems in the Wholesale VoIP

Now that we have talked about the common problems in the wholesale VoIP business, let’s take a look at some tips on solving them –

  • If invalid routing is happening not from the obvious logs, try to identify the root cause by always turning on the SIP trace. If you think you have fixed the problem, run proper simulations to confirm it is working before confirming your customers.
  • Make sure you are fully aware of your products. This can include knowing various terms (i.e. on-net, off-net, NPA-NXX, LRN, etc) and their work process.
  • You should fail 404 only when the underlying terminator returns it.
  • Having additional headers in some PBXs is a great idea to generate more informative responses and solve errors faster.
  • Inspect the quality of each route before you finalize the transaction.
  • Make a survey for comparing the prices and plans of other service providers in the market with yours.
  • To avoid miscommunication, confirm with your customer that the problem is solved with confidence. Don’t just say “dial now” or anything like that.
  • Ensure you offer 24/7 customer support.
  • Before you sign up for a distributor, carefully check their terms and conditions. If necessary, get help from an experienced person to get help understanding any confusing term.


If you can manage your wholesale VoIP business efficiently, then generate a good profit from it that can be more than your expectation. There are problems in running any business in the world, and wholesale VoIP business is not different. You have to deal with these problems with patience and intelligence.

— And always keep in mind the tricks that we have shown in this article for solving the issues of wholesale VoIP business. And consult with a good VoIP service provider so that they can help you out solving the challenges. This is very important, especially in a country like Bangladesh. For wholesale termination and wholesale server, you will get the best offer from wdtelecom.

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