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Finding the best VoIP application might be hard when your business is involved in a remote-hybrid as well as the distributed workforce. There are some factors you really need to consider for the growth of your business.

The best VoIP app not only allows you to make calls and send text messages but also gives features like extensive integrations, video conferencing, and presence-supported team messaging.

That’s not all, the best VoIP application should be also available as different variants for different devices like Android, iOS, Windows, and so on. Normal people don’t have much idea about VoIP and VoIP phone calls. So, it’s hard for them to find the best VoIP app. We are going to help them with this article.

15 Best VoIP Apps For International Calls and Messaging

To help you find the best VoIP app for android, best VoIP app for iPhone, or best VoIP software for Windows; we have come up with a list of the 15 best VoIP apps in this article.    

1) Nextiva


Features – 
Call popups to provide detailed information about every callShare mobile screens through mobile split-screen featureYou can host video conferences by including up to 250 members.

Cost – $11.95 – $26.95/month/user

What we like What is missing
Server uptime guarantee for 99.99%Expensive for small businesses
The base tier offers 24/7 supportPricier tiers offer more features
Advanced message function in a team

Nextiva is a VoIP phone system that is especially needed for business work. The VoIP phone system brings all your business apps, automation tools, and AI on a single platform.

Nextiva offers all the functionalities of a traditional phone along with some extra features like arranging video conferences including 250 members, 24/7 support, team message function, and so on.   

2) Vonage Business

Vonage Business

Features – 

  • Many addon features like call recording, visual voicemail, and toll-free number
  • Allows exclusive call recording options for $4.99
  • Siri is integrated with the Vonage app

Cost – $19.99 – $39.99 /line/month

What we like What is missing
Works flawlessly with SiriMay reveal confidential info in the call log
50+ business calling featuresVanity numbers are unavailable
99.99% guaranteed server uptime

You can compare Vonage Business Communications (VBC) with Nextiva and RingCentral in terms of service quality. As a customer, you will not only enjoy its 99.99% server uptime but also appreciate its strong Service Level Agreements (SLA).

A unique feature of VBC is its integration with Siri. So, a big shout out to the iPhone users.   

3) RingCentral


Features – 

  • With over 200 third-party integrations, this is a custom solution for your IT team
  • Personalize your own tab with real-time customization
  • Multiple options to check voice mails

Cost – $19.99 – $49.99/user/month

What we like What is missing
The customizable interface is greatSome features are only accessible at expensive tiers
Guaranteed uptime for 99.99%No 24/7 support in the base tier
Switch to other devices easily

We don’t consider RingCentral as one of the best VoIP apps, it’s a complete phone system for a business. Aside from embracing all the VoIP features, this app works as a Unified Communication (UC) for a business or organization.

RingCentral offers a broad range of features including multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call forwarding, and access to many third-party integrations.    

4) Signal


Features – 

  • Powered by Signal Protocol for end-to-end encryption
  • Secure sharing feature regardless of the place 
  • Available as free on Android, iOS, and Windows

Cost – Free

What we like What is missing
Very well end-to-end encryptionPassword remains the same as phone password
Offers superior messaging optionPoor voice and video chatting
Very simple, no ads or trackers
Share secure messages and calls

You should definitely try Signal Private Messenger when privacy is a matter of concern to you. The best VoIP for calling while maintaining your privacy. Some may think it is similar to Telegram.

You should know Signal is best for voice while Telegram is best for texting. So, they are not totally alike. Although it may not have a notable list of features, it features above-average privacy for calling.  



Features – 

  • Superior sound quality for inbound and outbound calls
  • Easy call forwarding with the “Follow Me” feature
  • It has active integration with Zoho, Zapier

Cost – $10.39 – $23.99 /user/month

What we like What is missing
Call can be transferred to other devices easilyVideo conferencing with 100 members is only possible in the top tier
Places or addresses can be booked within the appLimited minutes in the base plan
Share minute options in the mix and match plans
Share options make it cost-effective has its own dedicated softphone app called Communicator. If you want to get rid of your traditional phone line for your business, then this robust and feature-rich VoIP app is just for you.

We should mention that users can enjoy more on-screen features if they are using Mac desktops. All the available features of the Communicator can be accessed on Windows, under the “More Call options” drop-down menu.     

6) Bria Mobile

Bria Mobile

Features – 

  • Versatile, supports plenty of devices
  • Dedicated network indicator to measure the call quality
  • Customize the default ringtone

Cost – Free (Solo Free Plan), Contact Sales (Enterprise Plan)

What we like What is missing
Customize avatar and ringtones for incoming callsA loud beeping noise emits at the time of call recording 
Contacts can be integrated easilyScarcity of international calling
Connects to existing SIP servers while callingNo SLA or Service Level Agreement

Perhaps, Bria Mobile is the best free VoIP software, especially when you want to use it for yourself. This top VoIP app allows you to make calls with HD audio codecs like G.722 and SILK. No matter where you are, you can make calls with crystal-clear sounds.

A good thing about Bria Mobile is it works smoothly on SIP-based systems, providing state-of-the-art small business VoIP services. 

7) VirtualPBX


Features – 

  • Virtually customize the phone system to your business preference
  • Each plan comes with one toll-free telephone number  
  • Award-winning complimentary 24/7 customer support

Cost – $17.99 – $39.99 /user/month 

What we like What is missing
VirtualPBX data storage with AWSPlans for more than 2 members are not fixed 
Toll-free telephone numberSome exclusive features are included in pricier plans
Salesforce CRM and Zapier integration
Manage departments with ACD queues
Powerful reporting and call recording

Those who are involved in the VoIP industry, know about VirtualPBX. This is like an all-in-one VoIP solution for scalable communication. It has earned an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Aside from providing dedicated VoIP services, VirtualPBX offers 24/7 support to its customers. No matter how small or large your business is, VirtualPBX got you covered with its extraordinary features. 

8) OnSIP


Features – 

  • Takes a few minutes to establish PBX phone system
  • Award-winning support from a US-based team
  • Organize company-wide conference calls

Cost – $18.95 – $49.95 /month (Varies)

What we like What is missing
Switch calls from device to deviceRequires a little knowledge of the SIP protocols
Conference calls to monitor workflow even when you are outsideSMS texts can’t be sent to the system
Available on android, iOS, and Windows
Additional features – conference bridges, ACD queues, BHRs, etc

What makes OnSIP one of the best VOIP apps for business? Well, there are many reasons. The VoIP solutions from OnSIP are very easy and quick to set up, promise 99.99% server uptime and guarantee the lowest price in the industry.

That is why they are trusted by over 100,000 customers. Moreover, they offer some exclusive features for free. For instance, there are free mobile and desktop apps, free Polycom phones for a new account with 5 or more users, and video conferences for free.

9) Line


Features – 

  • Ability to sync with PC and other devices
  • Allows you to initiate group video conferences
  • Offers a large collection of stickers and games involving facial expressions

Cost – Free

What we like What is missing
You can add emoticons stickers while messagingYou may not play videos correctly
Non-line users can make calls at lower price rates
Add 200 people in a single conference
Can’t access your account on old devices

Line is another popular app for free voice and video calls. This top VoIP app has special features like starting a group conference video call, scheduling your weekend, creating a poll among your friends, and conferencing with up to 200 people at the same time.

It has the largest collection of stickers and users can choose from a variety of avatars. Also, there is a built-in game that involves facial expressions. You can sync your PC and mobile and check your messages on the computer.

10) WhatsApp


Features – 

  • Use it on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Offers end-to-end encryption to protect your privacy 
  • Seamless sync to all messages on your computer
  • Share any type of media files or documents 

Cost – Free

What we like What is missing
Supports longer media formatsCan’t save a contact if it is not saved in phone
Sends media files over slow internetSometimes, media files can be deleted from internal storage
Share files and insert emoticons stickers Compatibility issue with Android versions
Available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
You can check messages on any device

Over one billion downloads makes WhatsApp one of the best VoIP apps for Android. It is one of the most popular messaging, video, and voice calling apps. Due to its popularity, it is often used by people for internet calling. WhatsApp is a widely used app for personal communication, not for business or enterprise-level.

In fact, WhatsApp does not offer compatibility features for this type of use. It has additional goodies like address book integration, multimedia support, and file attachment. As a top VoIP app, this is enough for casual internet calling.

11) Google Voice

Google Voice

Features – 

  • A personal plan with a free VoIP solution is for the solopreneurs and freelancers
  • Call recording feature is available in the free version

It works with some desk phone models like the Polycom VVX150 OBi edition

Cost – $10 – $30 /user/month (A free version is also available)

What we like What is missing
Flawless integration with other Google products makes work easierThe advanced VoIP features are lacking
Each plan includes a free local phone numberCustom phone numbers not included
The interface is super easy to use

It is good for users that they get to use Google Voice for free when it is personal. It is even better as enterprises can use Google Voice at a cheap monthly payment.

Yes, compared to other premium VoIP apps, you can use it for professional use for only $10 per month. Being a product of Google, it works flawlessly with other Google integrations (i.e Gmail, Google Map).

12) magicApp


Features – 

  • Flawless voice calls and message options
  • Smooth integration with magicJack
  • Unlimited calls from U.S. and Canada

Cost – Free

What we like What is missing
Your magicJack and smartphone can ring at the same timeRegular messaging, no advanced options
Available on both Android and iOSNo video conferencing option
Finding contacts is easy from the contact listNo version for Windows
Unlimited calls without any phone charge

One of the most popular SIP/VoIP apps is magicApp, especially in the US and Canada. Why? Because a user can enjoy unlimited texting to any phone number for an amount of $9.99 per year if he lives there. That being said, the app is not free.

This app integrates with a real phone number and can sync with your PC or mobile devices. However, its features are limited when you are not living either in the US or Canada. This is a downside of this app.

13) Vopium


Features – 

  • A white-level VoIP solution for iOS
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Frequently updates the end-to-end infrastructure  
  • Fully customized solutions for calling, messages, remittance, billing, and advertising

Cost – Free

What we like What is missing
Relatively cheaper than other optionsThe interface looks a bit old
Integrate social media servicesPoor sound quality in voice calls
Allows you to send a fax to emails
You can record calls for any extension
Very easy to install

Vopium is an exclusive VoIP app for iPhones or iOS. Although you can install this app for free, making local or international calls is not free. The thing is, this VoIP app is just like any other VoIP app on iOS, like JaJah or TruPhone.

Since it is a white-level VoIP solution, many people are constantly using Vopium. So, you can make local or international calls without any hesitation regardless of your location.

14) MizuDroid SIP VoIP Softphone

MizuDroid SIP VoIP Softphone

Features – 

  • High-performance SIP client and media stack from Mizutech
  • Peer to peer encrypted media 
  • Integrated with AEC, Denoise, AGC, and PLC 

Cost – Free

What we like What is missing
Handle calls when your device is in sleep or idle modeSome issues with VoIP calls
Free call transfer and forwardingSometimes, may not hear sound when receiving a call
Stable SIP, NAT/Firewall support
Compatible with all VoIP providers

Unlike MizuDroid, not all SIP applications in Google Play are updated regularly. This app has some downsides such as you must have an existing SIP account to use it and its UI seems a bit old. However, it supports numerous SIP accounts, VoIP tunneling, call diversion, IM, voicemail functionality, and encryption.

In general, the app is quite functional and easy to use. In addition, you’ll be free from all in-app purchases because it’s a completely free VoIP app.

15) Zoiper IAX SIP VoIP Softphone

Zoiper IAX SIP VoIP Softphone

Features – 

  • Available on Windows, Apple, iOS, Android
  • Integrated with CRM
  • Talk and share files with TLS/SRTP and ZRTP

Cost – Free (Professional Plan Charge – $56.63)

What we like What is missing
Secure call and text with encryptionFrequent connection loose
Call recording and forwarding optionCall recording is free in the older versions
Options to add more than one provider

Zoiper is one of the few SIP and VoIP applications that makes it so unique. If you are someone who mostly needs an app for voice calls, this is it. It basically has the ability to make phone calls through the internet.

It offers some additional features such as Bluetooth support, IAX support, and other additional protocols; which makes it one of the best SIP applications

Depending on the type of use, Zoiper comes with some packages. If you choose their Gold package, you will get better audio, call transfer capabilities, and video calling support. Although the technology is relatively old, the UI and design are regularly updated.

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Bottom Line

Whether it is your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or any other device; you need the best VoIP app for international calls. All the VoIP apps that we have shown above are somehow great in their own way.

However, finding the best app for VoIP calls is critical, especially when a business is looking to shed the binding nature of physical desk phones. With the top VoIP app, your employees can make calls from any location and attend teleconferences with colleagues over video or voice calls.     

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