Security Measures For VoIP Business Components

Common Problems & Solutions for the Wholesale VoIP Providers
Common Problems & Solutions for the Wholesale VoIP Providers
Security Measures For VoIP Business

There is no doubt that the VoIP business is a profitable sector. Therefore, security is important for this business as most of its transactions are done online. In addition to general security, attention should also be paid to various components of this business. Security is complete when each branch of a VoIP business is equally secure in an appropriate way.

—Although VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is relatively a new technology, it is gaining popularity in all sectors. The protocol creates a revolution by combining the traditional telephony system and internet protocol together. VoIP is taking over the old telecommunication process. 

However, a VoIP business can be a victim of various types of cyberattacks. And there is no way to keep VoIP business without proper security measurements for VoIP components.    

Top 5 Essential Security Measures For VoIP Business Components 

In the world of networking, almost any business needs reliable security measurements. And VoIP business is no different. The VoIP business will become easily vulnerable to threats if there is no adequate security. 

According to the 2019 survey from JP Morgan, it is discovered that almost 94% of companies harden their security infrastructures.

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The VoIP business consists of several branches. Each of these branches is different and they require specific security measurements. Let’s take a look at the security measurements of different branches of VoIP. 

Security for Reseller Panel

One manages the VoIP reseller business through the reseller panel. So, it is the most vital component of the reseller business. The VoIP reseller panels are preserved by the VoIP reseller service providers. 

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Being software, the reseller panel should be updated on a regular basis so that all the remaining bugs are fixed. This will make it more secure. An obvious security step would be setting up a strong password with a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. And never share the password with others and it is better to change it from time to time.

— In addition, the service provider can also set up a two-step authentication process to add an extra layer of security. This is very important to implement as anyone can know your password at any time.   

Security for Mobile Dialer

Security for Mobile Dialer Security Measures For VoIP Business

We must declare the three main points of a mobile dialer, which are operator code, password, and PIN. For security purposes, a mobile dialer should not share the password or PIN with anyone else. It will be a great problem if any of these fall into the wrong hands. 

The mobile dialer is a mobile application that plays an important role in VoIP calls. From the perspective of a businessman, the mobile dialer represents the VoIP business to the customers of reseller VoIP and hosted VoIP. —As a result, a leak in the security may result in a major security issue in the whole infrastructure.

That is why it is better to get services from a mobile dialer with better encryption. This encryption will not let any outsider access sensitive information. Just like being an app like a reseller panel, it needs to be updated from time to time.         

Security for Softswitch

 Since it is software, the password criteria are the same as other components. Setting a strong password and changing it regularly helps maintain proper security. There should be restrictions in using Softswitch and only the authorized personnel should use it. On top of that, adding either two-factor authentication or OTP keys for login will enhance the overall security to a great extent. 

Similar to a mobile dialer and reseller panel, a Softswitch is also software. The prime duty of a VoIP Softswitch is to manage the hosted VoIP business. The Softswitch is mainly used for billing. Anyone will be benefited using the VoIP Softswitch as they can get rid of the manual billing system.

Security for VoIP Server

The VoIP server is needed for data processing and answering incoming requests of clients. As it is related to data processing, it is very important for the VoIP phone system. Unfortunately, it is more vulnerable in its software form. 

— If the VoIP server gets affected by a threat, a subsequent loss may take place in the VoIP business. Some security measurements need to apply to keep the VoIP server safe. So it needs to be secured with effective measurements. 

The importance of strong passwords in anything online is immense. As for a VoIP server, a very strong password is crucial. In addition to this, the use of 2-step verification and OTP devices is recommended. For its software form, regular updates help keep normal threats away. Last by not least, the safest option is to manage the server from your own system.    

Security for VoIP Gateway

Security for VoIP Gateway Security Measures For VoIP Business

A VoIP gateway gets traffic from the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and converts the traditional TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) telephony network into small digital packets or IP packets. The VoIP gateway transfers these digital packets over a reliable internet connection.

—In order to keep the VoIP gateway secure, one should regularly change the password. Strong combinational passwords containing alphanumeric and special symbols work better. Generic passwords are always easy to detect. That being said, you should always change the default password.

An encrypted connection is the best alternative to protect the VoIP gateway. It prevents a third party from knowing confidential data so that it can’t harm the business. Also, enabling a suitable firewall and maintaining it further will ensure absolute protection for the VoIP gateway. 


In order to run a wholesale VoIP business successfully, ensuring absolute security is essential for the business. It is your business and you need to safeguard it by any means necessary.

—Remember, when you are the business owner, a lot of security measurements starting from choosing a reliable VoIP service provider to maintaining the security for all branches depend on you. Therefore, approach with caution to enhance the overall security infrastructure for your business.    


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