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How call shop grow your voip business?

VoIP CallShop enables people to make long distance calls and international calls at much lower prices than PSTN networks. A lucrative business due to lower initial investment in corporate incomes and a steady increase in the base of potential customers.

Complete call-shop VoIP solutions for existing and potential VoIP call shop and VoIP internet cafe owners Hosted VoIP software based on Pactolus, which terminates VoIP calls at competitive VoIP rates with premium VoIP quality and can scale to thousands of simultaneous VoIP calls without crashing. VoIP call shop solution enables people to make long distance and international phone calls at considerably lower prices as compared to the PSTN. It is a lucrative business because of the low initial business-entry investments and the stable increase in potential customer base.

WD Telecom has introduced a new line of low cost, functionality rich CallShop solutions which will allow entrepreneurs’ quick entry and competitive stay in the rapidly growing VoIP industry. These scalable solutions have speedy and easy setup processes and minimal investment requirements.

Features include

WD  proudly possess the fact that our VoIP system never crashes during peak days like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc.

“Reduce unnecessary efforts and expand your VoIP capabilities with custom VoIP solutions”

You can customize the VoIP key according to your business needs. Some of our clients have very specific requirements in VoIP switching. Our highly qualified team works on VoIP solutions tailored to customer requirements and budget.

  • A bundled turnkey VoIP solution: Call shop VoIP software and VOIP call termination
  • VoIP Agent/VOIP Reseller modules available
  • Live online reporting
  • Fast VoIP account activation
  • Simple configuration
  • The high quality of voice traffic
  • Fully functional and user-friendly VoIP interface for monitoring VoIP calls and charging VoIP customers
  • No signup or monthly fees
  • Excellent customer service

Who can benefit?

  • Cyber cafe, Internet cafe, Public cafe

How it works

The operator corresponding with a client to the booth or cafe

  • Client calls to globally using a handset or digital phone
  • Operator logs into the account by clicking onto the CDR (Call Detail Record)
  • Report to determine how much to charge the client for the call
  • Professional callshop module available Learn More



Who may take advantage of these solutions?

New entrepreneurs who would like to get into the highly promising industry of Voice over IP without hefty investment costs and complicated set-up and maintenance processes.

Existing Internet Cafe owners looking to expand their customer base by using their current infrastructure to offer additional services. Traditional PSTN CallShop owners wanting to reduce costs and boost profits by simply ‘switching’ or upgrading to VoIP-based systems.

Carriers who would like to increase their wholesale traffic and enlist more customers by offering hosted CallShop services.

Typical CallShop Scenarios.


  • Customer visits the CallShop.
  • Customer pre-pays the operator for the call.
  • The operator will then activate a phone booth for the customer using the
  • CallShop VoIP Software.
  • The customer will go to the phone booth and dial the destination number.
  • CallShop VoIP will record the call details and the corresponding call charges for future reporting needs.


  • Customer visits the CallShop.
  • Customer chooses a vacant phone booth and dials the destination number.
  • CallShop VoIP keeps track of each phone booth’s call details and the corresponding call charges for invoicing and future reporting needs.
  • When the customer has completed his/her calls, the operator generates an invoice for the customer’s calls.

How Do The Solutions Work?

Stand-Alone CallShop

  • You Are the Owner of a Stand-Alone CallShop.
  • A customer places a call from your CallShop by dialing a destination number.
  • The CallShop VoIP software running on the operator’s PC at your CallShop starts to record the CDR (Call Detail Record) for the call.
  • Your gateway sends the call over the internet to the carrier that was configured in the software for the call’s destination.
  • The carrier routes the call to the destination.
  • When the call is terminated the operator’s CallShop VoIP will have the complete CDR for that call. It can be used to invoice the customer and any business analysis reporting needs.

Hosted CallShop

  • You Are the Owner of a Hosted CallShop.
  • A customer places a call from your CallShop by dialing a destination number.
  • Your gateway sends the call over the internet to the carrier hosting your CallShop service.
  • This carrier routes the call to the destination and records the CDR for the call in their system.
  • When the call is terminated, your CallShop’s operator logs onto the carrier’s website to retrieve the CDR and invoicing information for that call.
  • You may also log into the carrier’s website at any time to access other features such as define/modify service rates and generate reports.

Advanced CallShop

  • You are the owner of a carrier hosting CallShop services.
  • You have multiple clients hosting CallShop services from you. Each of them has their own gateway configured to yours. A call is placed at one of your client’s Callshops.
  • The call is routed to your Gatekeeper/Gateway and your CallShop VoIP software starts to record the call CDR.
  • Your Gatekeeper/Gateway routes the call to the destination.
  • When the call is terminated the CallShop client will log into your system through a website to retrieve the CDR and invoice information for that call.
  • You will bill your CallShop clients using invoices generated by your CallShop VoIP Software.
  • You may also use the software to do many other functions such as for define/modify rate and generate reports.
  • The CallShop VoIP solution gives the owner complete control of the system by using the iVoice software and hardware.

What you will need.

  • Analog VoIP Phones or Gateways.
  • Internet Access.
  • iVoice Tele allows you to terminate the calls with their tier one quality routes.
  • Remote Installation Services and Training to get your business up and running in one to two hassle-free business day.

For more information please contact us or send an application form Apply Now

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